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.com is the most recognized and most accessible top-level domain (TLD). Cognitive fluency dictates that we should go with something easy, that people have an association with, and .com is still the primary TLD. If you want to build up a very brandable domain that can do well, you want a .com. Probably, eventually, if you are very successful, you're going to have to try and go capture it anyway, and so I would bias you to get it if you can.
– Rand Fishkin, Moz


Domain Forwarding
Domain Forwarding (also known as Website or URL Forwarding) allows you to point your domain name to a URL you specify. Use the Masked/Not masked feature to determine whether or not the destination URL will be displayed in the browser address line.

Email Forwarding
Redirect email addressed to your domain name to an existing email address you already use.

Some providers, such as Hover, charge $5.00 a year per forward.

On May 17, 2004, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) introduced a mandatory fee for some domains.

Contact Privacy
Contact Privacy is a service that hides your identity (address, phone number, email address) whenever a WHOIS Lookup is done on your domain name. Private domain registration prevents emails from spammers and calls from telemarketers.

Domain Locking
Domain Locking is a security feature that prevents domain transfers. If a domain is locked, transfers cannot be made until the domain is unlocked.

Managed DNS with DNSSEC Support
With Managed DNS, you have control of your domain's zone records (A/CNAME/MX/TXT). Furthermore, you have guaranteed uptime and increased website performance due to the geographically distributed name servers.

With Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) support, you can add a Delegation of Signing (DS) record to finish turning on DNSSEC.

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